About SkyCreek Health
SkyCreek Health, a division of SkyCreek Corporation, is dedicated to optimizing patient care through the delivery of high-precision automated patient communication programs. We support high-quality, high-volume patient contact, where message quality, delivery consistency, proactive management and process improvement are critical to achieving and sustaining breakthrough contact performance, patient experience and the cost efficiency to deliver.

For nearly 20 years, SkyCreek has managed some of the largest customer contact operations throughout North America. Our deep experience in the telecom, utilities and retail industries has taught us that—regardless of content—message clarity, quality, timing and overall design interaction are the foundations of optimizing the performance and costs of automated contact operations. 

SkyCreek Health is the health care sector application of this contact management expertise. We aim to help health providers establish advance patient communications, care compliance and patient experience performance, versus infrequently managed internal solutions and external, self-serve contact management services.

Our Specialty in Automated Patient Communications is:
High Quality, High Efficiency

Internal and external choices abound for health care contact management solutions. We realize that containing costs—especially for patient management expenditures without hard ROI—increases the pressure of enhancing patient communications to optimize impact on patient no-shows, care compliance, readmission rates and the overall patient experience. We also know that to get your business, we have to do this better, cheaper and faster and be willing to prove it when necessary—all while being price competitive.

Dedicated Patient Contact Management
To accommodate these realities and optimize cost and performance, SkyCreek employs a dedicated patient contact management approach, providing health providers with deep levels of contact management expertise, dedicated campaign support and process improvement resources. Our dedicated patient contact managers personally manage each customer’s patient contact program. They are experts at interaction design, contact strategy, data management and message quality—keys to sustaining high-yield patient communication performance across dispersed health care operations.

SkyCreek Health Software as a Solution (SaaS) Solution Architecture
Some of the largest automated customer and patient contact operations in North America trust SkyCreek to manage their contact operations.

Our secure, SaaS solution infrastructure consists of two fully redundant SAS70 data centers, each multi-honed with multiple calling circuits—offering absolute failover protection and providing highly efficient and optimized performance, costs and patient experiences.

SkyCreek Health SaaS 70 Hosting