Proactively Keeping Patients Informed Keeps Them From Generating Additional Support Cost
Notifying patients of potential schedule-effecting changes, informing them of pre or post procedure requirements, delivering test results and even when and how you alert them to account issues aren't just good practice; they’re critical to mitigating risk both in terms of patient stress and the additional support cost they put on the system.

The more capable your health operation is at designing, managing and optimizing both the performance and the cost to deliver these "perception-shaping" patient touch points, the greater cost containment and improved patient experience can be achieved and sustained.

Optimizing patient notifications is accomplished in the design of the interaction, the quality of the message, the experience driving the contact strategy and the responsiveness of the management processes behind the contact to finely tune performance and minimize the real cost of patient support.

Solution | SkyCreek Health
SkyCreek Health provides a competitively priced, multi-channel, dedicated management solution for organizations that need to achieve greater cost containment performance with patient notifications. Our approach provides veteran contact management expertise, advanced multi-channel technologies (IVR/SMS/Email) and responsive contact campaign management—must haves for organizations to improve patient notification performance, to achieve greater cost efficiencies and to enhance the patient experience.

SkyCreek Health’s patient notification programs are built on hardened and advanced technologies and can handle virtually unlimited contact volume, consistently maintaining an average 95 percent contact rate.

SkyCreek Health supports any outbound patient notification, including:

  • Patient test results
  • Appointment and schedule changes
  • Appointment openings
  • Pre-care patient requirements
  • Emergency notifications
  • Account issues
  • Other patient management functions