Managing and Enforcing Patient Compliance to Prevent Readmissions
With reimbursement penalties and disqualifications raising the readmissions bar across the Medicaid population, health providers are at increased risk of substantial revenue loss stemming from patient noncompliance.

Assuring that patients adhere to care guidelines, fulfill and take prescribed medications and follow post-care discharge requirements, referral instructions and ongoing health maintenance processes are vital to the early detection of potential readmission prospects.  Monitoring patients through their entire care lifecycle and measuring their progress and compliance provides early detection and increases the odds of getting patients back on track and correcting noncompliant behavior by motivating them, informing them of consequences and presenting alternative treatment options, support group opportunities and/or other corrective options. 

As a result, incorporating care-specific compliance touch points, remote patient measurements, instruction acknowledgements, care progress monitors and other compliance indicators are becoming increasingly essential to patient management and preventing financial risk in the additional cost and patient dissatisfaction associated with readmissions.

Solution | SkyCreek Health
SkyCreek Health has the advanced patient contact management capabilities to help health providers incorporate more precise patient compliance models with their existing patient contact operations and to optimize their performance according to top line revenue preservation, cost containment and overall patient satisfaction and experience objectives. 

We utilize the latest multi-channel patient contact technologies to contact, confirm, survey and measure patient health and compliance factors throughout the individual care lifecycle. 

Our years of complex confirmation and compliance management experience and our highly-consultative dedicated patient contact management approach are ideal to helping health providers expand, enhance and optimize the numerous benefits of patient compliance.  From helping to design condition-specific care management and compliance workflows, crafting high-quality patient communications, integrating legacy patient systems, remotely measuring health metrics and/or collecting text and verbal patient indications and reporting care deviations to care professionals—SkyCreek Health has the technology, the experience and the commitment to maximize care compliance and to minimize readmission risk.

SkyCreek Health consistently averages patient confirmation rates over 50%—an effective baseline for building additional patient compliance into more areas of patient management and readmission prevention.

SkyCreek Health supports any patient compliance objective, including:

  • Pre-care requirements
  • Post-dispatch progress
  • Instruction acknowledgements
  • Health measurements
  • Care milestones
  • Referral progress
  • Procedural progress
  • Alternative options
  • Other patient confirmation functions