Reminder Model

Preventing Patient No-Shows, Cancels and Unpeparredness
Reminders reduce patient no-shows. High quality and optimally designed reminders that integrate patient and care-specific data, while accommodating patient mode preferences, consistently suppress higher percentages of no-shows, cancels and patient unpreparedness. 

With industry averages of more than 40% of patients no-showing or cancelling appointments made 20 days in advance; health providers can no longer rely on generic contact strategies to reach and remind patients as a means to mitigate the cost of appointment related waste.

Optimizing reminders to suppress a higher percentage of no-shows and other patient-generated appointment waste from the calendar/system requires high-quality messages, intelligent reach tactics and personalized interaction design strategies, as well as ongoing management to sustain high performance, cost efficiency and overall patient experience goals.

Solution| SkyCreek Health
SkyCreek Health provides high-quality, high-volume, multi-channel (IVR/SMS/Email) contact solutions for health providers utilizing appointment, care compliance and patient management reminders to improve the patient experience and eliminate waste stemming from patient no-shows, cancels and unpreparedness. Our dedicated patient contact management approach provides the essential, specialized reminder contact expertise and responsive management resources to squeeze every bit of waste-preventing and patient-compliance productivity out of your patient reminder contact programs.

SkyCreek Health reminder programs consistently average patient confirmation rates over 50%—all while staying price competitive with any competitor in the market.

SkyCreek Health supports any patient reminder requirements, including:

  • Appointments
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Pre-care requirements
  • Care instructions
  • Referral instructions
  • Accounting and billing