Confirming Patient Participation, Preparation and Compliance
Confirming patient participation with scheduled appointments, certifying their preparedness according to pre and post-care requirements and that they are completing care milestones all work in tandem to drive and ultimately sustain high levels of patient compliance, minimizing the impact and cost of unconfirmed and non-compliant patients.

With the equipment, personnel and administrative costs of patients that cannot undergo care or self-manage ongoing care, it is critical for cost-conscious health providers to fully ensure proper patient preparedness and compliance with mandated guidelines around each and every instance of their care.
When designed correctly and delivered with quality, confirmations provide greater consistency, utilization and profitability of your core care assets, while improving the patient experience and helping contain call center costs.

With the growing threat of legislative regulations increasing reimbursement disqualifications for patient readmissions, transitioning and expanding confirmation campaigns into care compliance will become increasingly key to protecting revenue—pushing the need for higher quality and more responsive and efficient patient confirmation processes.

Solution | SkyCreek Health
Spanning nearly two decades, SkyCreek Health’s expertise in appointment and compliance confirmation strategies, techniques and technologies was developed in some of the highest volume contact operations in North America. While we’re just emerging in health care, the tactics, mechanics and nuances of optimizing confirmation performance—in terms of results, delivered experience and cost efficiency—are the same. We know how to do it better, cheaper and faster than anyone out there.

We provide advanced patient contact, confirm, survey and remote measurement capabilities, highly-consultative dedicated patient contact management, and years of complex confirmation experience to deliver an ideal solution for expanding, enhancing and improving the internal and external benefits of confirming patient attendance and procedure compliance. We work with your functional and technology management teams to optimize compliance—from helping design appointment and care and condition specific confirmation workflows, crafting high-quality messages, integrating legacy health and patient data for enhanced contact decision making, and routine performance tweaking.

For more complex patient confirmation and compliance objectives, our dedicated campaign managers help design optimal interactions, test and refine “quality-determining” contact and message components (such as transfer points) and, with our professional service and support teams, deliver the right solution to obtain the confirmations necessary to measure compliance. We can even automate collection of patient confirming data from in-home health devices.

SkyCreek Health confirmation programs consistently average patient confirmation rates over 50%.

SkyCreek Health supports any patient confirmation objective, including:

  • Appointments
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Pre-care requirements
  • Post-care requirements
  • Health measurements
  • Care compliance
  • Referral progress
  • Other patient management functions