Preparing Patients for Pre & Post-Care Requirements
Patients are stressed—simply because of their involvement with your health organization.

Stress can affect their judgment, comfort, adherence to care guidelines, ability to follow pre and post procedure and discharge requirements, referral instructions and other critical patient management processes; which if not followed, can generate additional cost.

Whether in the form of wasted resources on missed appointments, unrealized revenue opportunities, call center support and/or penalized reimbursements from patients not complying with care guidelines and instructions resulting in readmissions—the cost of poorly or not routinely instructing patients in a timely, quality and care-specific manner can generate significant additional cost for your organization.

Keeping patients properly on track by proactively instructing them at key points in care delivery, before and after procedures and throughout their care with your organization keeps them feeling positive, calm, informed and satisfied with their care—and most importantly away from your patient support and readmission processes.

Solution| SkyCreek Health
SkyCreek Health’s patient instruction programs are utilized throughout the scope of patient care.

We utilize dedicated contact campaign managers - each with over 15 years of high volume contact management experience—delivering the contact expertise and the responsive management resources needed to craft highly effective, care specific automated patient instruction programs to maximize patient care compliance.

Our high-volume, multi-channel (IVR/SMS/Email) and secure patient contact infrastructure, along with our highly responsive solutions approach, allow us to accommodate any type of patient instruction strategy—no matter how complex the interaction, program scope or language—eliminating the financial risks of non-complying patients.

SkyCreek Health provides automated patient instructions for:

  • Pre-care requirements
  • Post-care requirements
  • Post-discharge information
  • Self-care guidelines
  • Referral and follow-up processes
  • Other patient management functions